Streaming LIVE to up to 1,000 students and teachers in over 30 countries. 

Historical Figures, Actors, Musicians, Professors, Athletes and many others have become
the building blocks for the dreams of tomorrow.

Dr. Ben Carson - Photo - Ralph


Dr. Ben Carson



Harvard Students


Bob Odenkirk



Dr. Josh Bonde


*Dr. John Charles teaching students


The process of entertaining and/or inspiring people at the same time as you are teaching them something from a primary source through video conferencing technology. I prefer to use Zoom as it is compatible with any device as well as browser, and is very easy for guest speakers to connect regardless of tech ability.



As technology makes the world smaller and more intimate, we must take advantage and reach out to the people whose voices can make a difference.

Then, with the help of technology, we can connect the dreams and ideals of the next generation. Everyday reaching for new students from countries round the world, hungry for authentic heroes and possible futures.



My name is Ralph Krauss and I have been an educator in southern Nevada since 2005. I have my Bachelors in Communications from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and my Masters in Education from Sierra Nevada College. I am passionate about connecting students with primary sources of education through the use of technology.  These initiatives combine education and entertainment. Thank you for stopping by Edutainment Learning!

UCLA - Surgery - Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent Van Gogh



Students from around the world have connected to learn from these

people through video conferencing technology.

  • Molodi Dance performance

  • Daniel Platzman (drummer for Imagine Dragons) 2 campuses

  • Comedian Rob Schneider 2 campuses

  • A&R WorldWide President and founder Sat Bisla 2 classes

  • 9/11 WTC survivor Michelle Rosado 2 campuses

  • 9/11 WTC survivor Artie Van Why

  • Composer Boris Brott

  • All star pitcher and gold medal winner Jim Abbott

  • 9/11 WTC survivor Brian Branco

  • Former CIA Operative Valerie Plame 2 campuses

  • 9/11 WTC survivor William Raff 5th grade assembly Cadence

  • 9/11 WTC survivor Angela Brock 5th grade assembly 

  • 9/11 Pentagon Survivor Dan Holdridge 2 campuses

  • Produced a 9/11 tribute video with students for YouTube

  • Girard Hendelman owner of the GSH Group

  • Dr. Mark Sullivan OSU professor and business expert

  • Michael Duffy Senior Editor TIME Magazine

  • Yev Zakharkin photographer to an art class

  • Oscar winner Grant Heslov in a theater class.

  • MEG author Steve Alten in a Creative Writing class

  • Produced a student tribute video in correlation with recording artist Danny Gokey

  • Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser to five campuses (including Pinecrest) across the Country

  • Daniel Park concert and lecture

  • Guest lecturer for 6 history classes at the same time with North Korean Concentration Camp Survivor Shin Dong-Hyuk

  • Guest lecturer for 8 science classes, actor Dolph Lundgren

  • Children’s book illustrator Elinor Blake

  • Rainer Hoess - Peace advocate and grandson of Auschwitz Commandant Rudolph Hoess

  • Michael Regan- Son of President Ronald Regan

  • Rick Harrison- Host/Creator of History Channel's Pawn Stars

  • Nevada State Bank President Terry Shirey

  • Oakland Raiders former Running Back Napoleon McCallum

  • Dyan deNapoli Penguin expert and Children’s Author

  • Dr. Dee Boersma Professor of Marine Biology University of Washington

  • Dr. Frederick Hess Harvard University Education Professor

  • Rachael Tulloch Manager for International Recording Artist Vance Joy

  • Dr. John Charles Chief Scientist of Human Research at NASA

  • Dr. Zach Truman- Orthodontist/Business owner Henderson, NV

  • Dr. Jon Coe “father” of Modern Zoological Design

  • Michelle Kuruc Vice President of the World Wildlife Fund

  • Marc Hale Solar Power expert and business owner

  • Dr. Craig Benkman professor University of Wyoming Zoology

  • Coyote Peterson- YouTube host of the show Brave Wilderness

  • Robert Flummerfelt- Founder of CARE (Central African Relief Effort)

  • Kevin Chiucchini- Great Grandson of Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke to history students about his ancestor

  • Bradly Blakeman- Senior Staff Deputy Assistant to President George W. Bush spoke to Government students.

  • Bryan Cranston- 6 time Emmy Award winning actor

  • Chris Edwards- Nevada Assemblyman

  • Ted Pretty- FOX News Weatherman

  • Arby Hambric- WWII/Korean War and Vietnam Conflict Veteran

  • Rajen Sheth - Creator of Google Drive/Gmail/the Chromebook

  • Dr. Cathleen Lewis (Curator National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institute)

  • Dr. Michael Neufeld (Curator National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institute)

  • Jimmy Lee (Pearl Harbor Eye Witness)

  • Noah Lee (Harvard Cello Prodigy)

  • Sidney Lee (Juiliard Cello Prodigy)

  • NV State Attorneys General Aaron Ford

  • Director of Johns Hopkins Neurosurgery Dr. Henry Brem

  • Dr. Linda Bui Professor Environmental Sciences LSU

  • Matt Schindler owner of WDM Architects specializing in zoological design.

  • Grammy winning musician Kenny Loggins 

  • Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong partial owner of the Lakers and Zoom Video Communications

  • Joe Sanchez - SeaWorld Head Trainer

  • Ben Fong-Torres-Rolling Stone Magazine Editor

  • Eric Carle Museum Curator Courtney Waring

  • Brian Lies- Caldecot Medal Recipient

  • 11 time Emmy Winning Director Nick Nanton

  • Cello Prodigy Isaiah Kim

  • Paleontologist Dr. Joshua Bonde

  • Astrogeologist Dr. Christopher Adcock

  • Dr. Jhagdish Bhagwati- Professor of Economics and Law at Columbia University

  • John Ondrasek (Five For Fighting)

  • Movie producer - Lon Strickland

  • U.S. Housing and Ubran Development Secretary - Dr. Ben Carson 

  • Grammy nominated Producer - Khao Gates

  • Robert Ray Shafer - Actor (NBC's The Office)

  • Chief of Staff NV State Treasurer - Grant Hewitt

  • USAF Technical Sergeant Bradley Molnar

  • Life Coach - Josiah Alipate

  • Comedian - Brian Reagan

  • CEO of PBS - Paula Kerger - Leadership class

  • Manager of Imagine Dragons - Mac Reynolds

  • Grammy winning artist - Marc Cohn

  • Comedian and Actor - Harland Williams

  • Oscar nominated director - Roko Belic

  • Astronaut - Dr. Story Musgrave

  • Bassist for Fitz and the Tantrums - Joe Karnes

  • State of Nevada Attorney General - Adam Laxalt

  • LVRJ Digital Marketing associate - Damone Colston

  • LVRJ Education Writer - Meghin Delaney

  • Engineer - Ron Jarrett

  • Cirque Acrobat - Johanna Sapakie

  • Financial planner/Entrepreneur Armstrong Williams

  • Dolph Lundgren

  • Finalist on the X-Factor - Kristine Mirelle

  • Voice of Siri - Susan Bennett - Choir class

  • CEO NV Sand and Gravel, Impact Companies - Bill Wadley

  • Ceo of Sababa Water company - Jonathan Stone

  • Spencer Ludwig- Trumpeter and singer

  • Dr. Jim Withers- Creator of the homeless outreach for University of Pittsburgh

  • Mimicking Birds-International recording Artists- music class

  • Joe Everson-Singing painter- Art class

  • Jackie Valley- Las Vegas Sun and NV independent writer- Journalism classes

  • Jim “The Rookie” Morris- Oldest rookie pitcher in major league baseball history

  • Frank Abagnale Jr.- Author of “Catch ME If You Can” FBI Agent 40 years- Cyber Security classes

  • Thomas H. Begay- WW2 Veteran/ Navajo Code Talker

  • Vanessa Carlton- Grammy nominated musician “if I could walk 1,000 miles”

  • Paul Janeway- Lead singer of St. Paul & the Broken Bones- Music class

  • Debra Jo Rupp- Actress That 70s Show, Friends, Seinfeld, This Is Us, The Ranch

  • Dr. Susan Shoelwer- Curator for Mount Vernon

  • Judge Alberto Gonzales- 80th United States Attorney's General, Texas State Supreme Court Justice

  • Dr. Arthur McDonald- Nobel Prize Winning Astrophysicist

  • Stephen Merchant- The Creator of NBC’s the Office

  • Robin Leach- Creator of the Food Network and journalist

  • Lisa Song Sutton- 2014 Ms. Nevada and Forbes Magazine Journalist

  • Steve Yeager- Nevada Assemblyman

  • Rob Buyea- author of Because of Mr. Terupt 

  • Olivia Diaz- Assemblywoman

  • Scott Hammond- Senator

  • Mark Manendo- Senator

  • Lesley Cohen- Assemblywoman

  • Lauren Diaz- Singer from the television show The Voice

  • Robert Ray Shafer- from the hit television show The Office

  • Jerry Misko- Artist

  • John Lehr- TBS/Hulu/NBC actor

  • Phillipe Dunnigan - Violinist for Celine Dion

  • Gary Sage- Professional Vocal Technician

  • Derek Sante- Film critic

  • Elonka Dunin- Author/video game designer/cryptologist

  • Alan Gratz- author of Prisoner B-3087

  • Aldo Mencatto- Fashion designer

  • Dr. David Tenanhaus- UNLV Civil Rights Professor

  • Nate Tannenbaum- KTNV weatherrman

  • Greg Topp- USA Today Education writer

  • Drew Sauter- Inventor and Scientist  

  • Rudy Ruettiger- Author and namesake to a movie made about him

  • Dr. Story Musgraves- 5 time astronaut 

  • Billy Max Coleman- Aeronautical and space engineer

  • Clint Hill- Former Secret Service

  • Sam Jones- Rolling Stone/TIME magazine photographer

  • Matt Martin- LucasFilms writer

  • Kristina Pickering- Supreme Court Justice

  • Matthew Woodard- Ninjitsu Shihan ​​

  • Motivational speaker Pastor Henry Sneed

  • OSU Business Professor Dr. Mark Sullivan

  • Journalist Derek Sante

  • Chris Cleveland from the band Stars Go Dim​​

  • 9/11 Pentagon Survivor Dan Holdridge

  • 9/11 WTC survivor William Raff

  • 9/11 WTC survivor Brian Branco

  • U.S. Special Forces Soldier, Horse Soldier Bart Decker

  • One of the last soldiers out of Vietnam Terry Bennington

  • Artie Van Why (WTC survivor):

  • Sioux North High School Canada

  • Ben Lesser (Holocaust survivor):

  • John Ondrasik (lead singer of Five for Fighting):

  • Cadence/Somerset College Prep Miami

  • Thomas Franklin (9/11 photographer and college professor Montclair State University):

  • Dr. George Wickes (one of the first soldiers in Vietnam in 1945):

  • Alexandra Berzon (Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for the Wall Street Journal):

  • Dr. William Julius Wilson (Harvard Sociology Professor)

  • Dr. John Lott (Fox News Criminology consultant and Criminology College Professor)

  • Dr. Robert Sternberg (Psychology Professor Cornell)

  • Martin Cooper (Inventor of the personal cell phone)

  • Bob Odenkirk (writer & Actor Be  tter Call Saul, the Incredibles 2, SNL, Breaking Bad)

  • Eric Yuan (CEO of Zoom Video Communications)

  • Robert Patrick (actor X-Files Terminator 2, Spy Kids)

  • Dr. Joshua Bonde (lead Paleontologist Las Vegas Museum of Natural History):

  • Dr. H.W. Brands (U.S. Historian and University of Texas Professor)

  • Zach Schonfeld (Senior writer Newsweek)

  • Ben Fong Torres (former Senior Editor Rolling Stone Magazine)

  • Fernando Zulueta (Founder and President of Academica)

  • Civil Rights Activist/co-creator of hip hop Kurtis Blow

  • Michael Franzese (former Capo of the Columbo Crime Family and current motivational speaker) 

  • Dr. Ian Stewart (Mathematician University of Warwick England)

  • Mark Rossini (former FBI Agent 9/11 comission)

  • Representatives from Texas A & M, University of Miami and Arizona State University Admissions

  • Dr. Brian Hosmer (Natives American Professor University of Tulsa)

  • Dr. David Eisenbud (Mathematician UC Berkeley)

  • Dr. Michael Pittaro (Criminology Professor American Military University)

  • Nevada State Senator Scott Hammond

  • Anthony Sullivan (CEO and Spokesperson for Oxyclean)

  • Lt. Col Alfred Shehab (ret.) Battle of the Bulge and D-Day Veteran-

  • Melissa McCracken (Synesthisia Artist)