Edutainment Learning

Past Lessons

Through technology, students have been fortunate enough to connect with a wide ranging number of unique guest speakers. Below you will find some footage of lessons and interactions between the guests as well as the students.


*The opinions expressed in these videos are those of the guests. They do not reflect the opinions or views of Edutainment Learning, or any of its affiliations.  


Art Speakers

These guests have to do with the following: Music, drawing, painting, acting, directing, dance, broadcast journalism and producing.

Beautiful Landscape

History Speakers

These speaker topics range from: History, social studies, finance and geography

Glass Buildings

Motivational Speakers

The guests in this section discuss various topics that have to do with over coming adversity, goal setting, dreaming. The goal for these learning events was to inspire and motivate students when it came to success. 

STEM Speakers

The speakers in this unit have to do with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Keyboard and Mouse

English Language Arts

These guests discuss various careers that are pertaining to utilizing English language arts skills.


Law & Government

The guests in this section discuss working within various roles of the government as well as the judicial system


American Sign Language

The guests in this section cover various subjects and have been translated to American Sign Language.